8 de jan de 2009



You’ve came into this World of ours,
All clean & unharmed, untainted,
By the Door of the Flesh of your flesh:
Your primal Cry resembles
The Music of the Spheres!

You’ve increase in Strength & Joy
In spite of Blockages put in Your Way
(for your Wanderings may be Perilous):
So, You have learnd, so very soon,
The spelling of the All-encompassing Word “No”!

Then came the Heavy Chains
Of Education, Religion & Duty:
To Others, to Institutions & Conscience.
This three Parcas will lead You,
In Slavery, ev’ry moment of Your Existence!

— To & fro in Monkey Business —
— To & fro in Your Opinions —
— To & fro in Lust Debauch —
Taking another poisonous gulp,
Never daring to Raise Your Head!

Stressed in ev’ry Step of Yours,
Leading Your Life to common Void,
You feel Your Time slippin’ away:
You wished to turn, there’s no Way Out
This Rat Race got You all embraced!


But suddenly, a Voice from Beyond,
Cameth to Thy wrecked Life,
The Call of Bloody & Wild Sanity:
To broketh the Bonds, to taketh the Chains
That turns Thy real Self from Thee! 

Feel that Sad & Useless mummy
Called “me” for so long a Time,
Crumbling as a Bad Dream undone;
Filling Thy Spirit with Fear & Despair:
The mark of the True Rebirth that Cometh!

“So the Time arrived, at last,
And the Dreams, they are all lost,
Your daily Deeds, they were all wrong.
There’s no more Judges to Deem:
The Sentence has last to long!”

Flaming & Singing Thy Spirit would flee,
For the Throne of Hell lies vacant now,
And there is no Paradise to go to:
The Gods, all Dead & Rotten,
With the Bygone shadows of Hope...

Behold the Gate, there lies that cursed
Dark Temple, with it’s sobber Altar,
Brave It! For there are waiting for Thee 
One more Sacrifice to perform:
Consume the Flesh of Thy Past [that’s Faith]

And throw It’s bones into the Fire,
Which is sacred Bliss & Madness indeed!
End — at last. Seat the Trembling Soul 
At the Shrine of the Being:
The center of the Maze of Thyself...

3 contrapontos:

o amnésico disse...

'Hino' comemorativo (meio à moda de Swinburne) de um rito de passagem que não chegou a acontecer e que eu não tenho vontade de traduzir.

Welker disse...

Nem precisa... li em inglês e eu acho que perde toda a magia se for traduzido, como um episódio do Mr. Bean (desculpe a comparação). :T

Isolado disse...

Eu mal falo o pôrtugues...